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Sponsorships in 2020: Polish Speed Competition

With pandemic restrictions easing in many parts of the world, Poland recently hosted a regional Speed Climbing competition. In a year that has lacked a significant opportunity for athletes to compete we were happy to sponsor an event in the home of World Champion Speed Climber and Olympian, Aleksandra Mirosław.

On Saturday, August 29th, the big names in Polish Speed climbers worked to keep their titles at their home gym, the Arena Gliwice. This two-day regional Speed and Lead competition was held under pandemic rules. The event volunteers and organizers wore masks during the duration of the event, while the athletes were able to compete during their speed run without a mask. Event spectators were not allowed in the climbing arena but were able to cheer on these fast climbing athletes all over Poland on the event’s Youtube Page.

As this was a regional event there was a lot of anticipation among the competitors to see if one of them had what it takes to steal the championship titles from Aleksandra Mirosław and Marcin Dzieński. In a year that Olympian, Aleksandra Mirosław, was going to be competing in the Tokyo Games many were also curious to see if she had lost her competitive edge due to a lack of international competition opportunities. However, that did not happen. Mirosław, and male compatriot Marcin Dzieński have shown that they are both in great shape. In the final run, Mirosław took the top award with a personal best at 7.13 seconds, and Marcin finished on the top of the podium with a time of 5.88.

Podium Results

Women’s podium 1. Aleksandra Mirosław, 2. Aleksandra Kałucka, 3. Patrycja Chudziak
Men’s podium: 1. Marcin Dzieński, 2. Hubert Przytuła, 3. Mikołaj Wróblewsk
Youth Women’s podium: 1. Aleksandra Kałucka, 2. Agata Lesiewicz, 3. Natalia Kałucka
Youth Men’s podium: 1. Miłosz Bujak, 2. Konrad Gruszka, 3. Bartłomiej Podlewski