Perfect Just Got Better.

Perfect Descent Announces Updates to Entire Product Line

The leader in speed climbing auto belays is announcing fresh product line updates and the addition of the all-new Perfect Descent Direct Drive™auto belay. The Direct Drive™model has been designed to offer the same high-quality construction and performance synonymous with the Perfect Descent brand at one of the most competitive price points on the market - Starting at just $1,895 (USD).

All Perfect Descent Auto Belays now comply with prevailing CE and EN safety regulations and are weather-sealed for use indoors and outdoors. An updated mounting handle provides greater installation flexibility and separate eyes for backups. The new wear-resistant nozzle ensures smooth and consistent lanyard retraction over time and eliminates the need to replace the nozzle with each lanyard replacement. Both models also received a fresh new look with easy to read graphics. 

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Speed Drive™ Auto Belay

Perfect Descent Speed Drive™ auto belays outpace the competition and the world’s fastest climbers with a retraction rate of 15 ft/sec (4.6 m/sec) making them the ideal auto belay for gyms and climbing centers that host teams and competitions, cater to fitness and training minded climbers, and for managing warm-up and dynamic routes.

The exclusive auto belay of IFSC World Cup and World Championship Speed competitions, Speed Drive™ auto belays provide a more secure and fair competition environment and have been used in climbing competitions around the world.


Direct Drive™ Auto Belay

The Direct Drive™ is a carbon copy of the Speed Drive™in every way except for the mechanism that controls the retraction speed. The descent rates of both models are the same, but the always-active braking technology of the Direct Drive™auto belay retracts at 2 ft/sec (.6 m/sec). 

The Direct Drive™is the "go-to" auto belay for camps, climbing gyms, and recreation centers looking for the greatest value and a slower retraction speed to best serve their diverse audiences.

Upgrades and Updates

New and Updated Lanyards

It’s easy to tell when you’re climbing on a Perfect Descent. Apart from their quiet operation and seamless performance, Perfect Descent yellow sticks out in a crowd. Our new branded lanyards make it easy to spot Perfect Descent auto belay routes in your gym.

Choose from steel alloy and aluminum triple-locking carabiners, both with integrated swivels. The aluminum carabiner is ideal for units used outdoors and resists premature corrosion.

Our new competition lanyard features dual, aluminum captive-pin carabiners with separate swivel. This connection type offers a traditional redundant connection at the harness where it is both required or preferred. Sewn loop lanyards (without connectors) are also available upon request and may require approval by the manufacturer.

Redesigned Handle

The updated installation handle provides more options for securing the unit to your climbing wall.  It's easy to install Perfect Descent using a single-point and backup or a twin-leg anchor.  

Single-point installation allows for the device to move with the climber and reduces wear to the lanyard and nozzle, while the double-point works with most twin bolt setups.

Upgraded Nozzle Design

The new and improved nozzle features a stainless steel insert to resist wear and ensure smooth retraction of the lanyard. 


Tried and True Construction

All Perfect Descent auto belays are hand-built in Colorado, USA and feature high-quality materials and components. The stainless steel and aluminum case is incredibly durable and designed to withstand years of use, even in harsh, outdoor environments.

The lightweight and compact design make them easy to haul and mount and cheaper to ship for service and re-certification. Easy-to-replace lanyards with built-in wear indicators make in-house inspection and replacements quick and simple.