Why Recertify Your Auto Belay?

Proper maintenance and repair of Perfect Descent Auto Belays requires return of the unit to an authorized Perfect Descent service center every two years or at any time that a competent person inspection suggests the need to remove the unit from use.  The only maintenance that may be performed by the operator is cleaning, carabiner lubrication, and lanyard replacement.  All other maintenance must be performed by an authorized service center.  The operator must never attempt to repair or alter the unit.  There are no internal parts which are serviceable or replaceable by the operator, and any attempt may void the warranty.

What Happens During Recertification?

The primary objective of the recertification program is to clean and inspect the critical components of the auto belay and measure them against established tolerances.  This includes evaluation of the braking and retraction mechanisms, internal clutch, gear drive components, the installation handle, lanyard, etc.  This cleaning and inspection is followed by reassembly and a function test.  Once all service criteria have been satisfied, the product is committed for another 24 month cycle.

What is the Process for Sending an Auto Belay for Service?

In order to send your Perfect Descent Auto Belay in for service, you must use the original packaging that you received it in and include a completed and up-to-date copy of the Factory Service Log which can be found on page 30 of the Operations Manual that came with your auto belay.  If you don’t have either the original packaging or a copy of the Factory Service Log, contact the service center you use directly and they will assist you with acquiring the items you need.

Where are the Auto Belay Service Centers?

There are a number of authorized service centers for Perfect Descent around the world that units can be sent to.  Follow the link to find a Service Center near you.

How Long Does Recertification Take?

Typical turn-around time for a unit going through the service/recertification process is normally 5-8 days but times do vary between location and their volume of units being serviced at the time.  So, it is always recommended to contact your service center to clarify their lead time on getting your auto belays recertified and back into your hands.